What is WebJoint?

WebJoint is an all-in-one software built for cannabis-based businesses.

"This new system the WebJoint team set us up with is brilliant. We can keep track of our customers, take their orders online, and keep everything organized day in and day out. I haven't seen software that has all the tools tied together with my website. This is the most innovative software in the industry. I'm fully satisfied with it."

(Has been using WebJoint software for over 2 years)
Artemis Brand - Oakland, CA

"The traceability that WebJoint provides is PIVOTAL in-order to stay compliant within the cannabis Industry."

George Boyadjian - 420 College

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Robust Cannabis Retail Tools

Inventory management, point of sale, sales reports, and more.

Seamless Point of Sale

Finalizing a transaction using our point of sale is easy. Designed with user experience in mind, quickly put in an order, calculate your the return change, and print receipts for your customers. Delivery services can use the same point of sale to dispatch orders to drivers.

  • Compatiblity - Runs on any mobile device, tablet, or computer

  • Hardware Integration - Print receipts, use cash drawers, and more

  • Exact Deductions - Double decimal gram deduction (ex. 3.56 grams)

  • Delivery Dispatching - Drivers can get orders straight from the POS

Multi-Location Managment

We make it extremely simple to manage multiple locations and switch between dashboards seamlessly. Our software makes it easy to manage separate inventory, customers, and run individual reports on each location.

  • Swap Dashboards - Change locations with a click of a button

  • Specific Reports - Inventory and sales reports for specific locations

  • Easy Expansion - Add additional locations... expand instantly

Automatic Customer Verification

Medical businesses can save time by using our software to verify customer information automatically. Your customers can also get instantly verified for online website orders.

  • Time Saver - Verify medical cards with a click of a button

  • Online Signup - Customers can sign up on your website as well

  • Med Card Tracker - Know when a customers medical card expires

Create & Manage Your Own Website

Full Integration

What makes our software special is that we integrate your business management tools with your website. This way, you can use our software to run your business, stay compliant, AND do professional marketing through your website. This type of vertical integration is priceless.

No Coding Required

Our software allows you to create a website for your business with ZERO coding knowledge. Our simple-to-use website builder allows you to create pages, and add pictures and business information. Within 30 minutes, you can have a fully functional website up and running (.com, .org, and more).

Inventory Sync

Update your menu items in WebJoint and instantly push descriptions, pricing, and images to your website. With our full integration, items can be automatically removed from your website when you run out of stock.

User (Customer) Sign Up

Your patients and Adult-Use Customers can sign up for accounts on your website to gain access to your menu and other information. Medical users can input their doctors rec informational and get instantly verified.

eCommerce Ready

Once you have your inventory displaying on your website and users (customers) with verified accounts, you can turn on the option for online ordering. This is perfect for delivery services to receive orders without ever picking up the phone. And physical storefronts can use this feature to prepare orders ahead of time when they receive it online.

Payment Processing

We are partnered with a transparent payment processor that works with businesses in the cannabis industry. Several dispensaries and delivery services are already signed up and processing sales every day. Our compliant solution allows you to accept debit and credit cards in stores, and our full integration allows you to accept payments online as well.


Developers and designers can easily create WebJoint supported designs using our theme engine. Clients can give access to any freelancer or web design team of their choice. This gives devs full control over the HMTL/CSS/JS to get creative, and create any look and feel.

Whether you're developing a project for a current client, want to integrate your current website with WebJoint or develop themes to resell on our marketplace. We want to hear from you. Visit our developers page today and apply for an approved account to begin designing themes for WebJoint.